Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm still here...

I'm having wifi issues with my computer, so if I want to blog I have to use the app on my phone, and it sucks. Y'all know I like to add pictures to my posts and doing that from my phone looks awful. I wish Blogger would fix that.

Anyway, I will update real fast about Mother's Day. I had a very lax day and didn't ask for anything because Adam really went all out for our anniversary that was 2 weeks ago. I just wanted to sleep in. So, I did and I was happy. We ordered Chinese for lunch and later that night I curled up in bed with wine and watched the series finale of Desperate Housewives. I'm so sad that it's over. :(

Also, today Hadley is 20 months old! I seriously can't believe that in 4 short months she will be 2. I don't like the thought of that at all. My baby is not a baby anymore. She is such a smart, funny and stubborn little girl. We are having issues with her waking up super early in the morning and not wanting to nap anymore. If I try to get her to nap she cries for hours on end. I dread it everyday. She knows around 100 words now and loves pointing to all her body parts and naming them. She loves animal sounds too. She's definitely a high maintenance little girl. Hopefully I can get on the computer soon to add some new pictures.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Picture post

My mom finally uploaded some pictures that she took from our time back home. She got some cute ones. :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


This age is a hard age. Very hard.

Do you know how hard it is living in an apartment complex with a child that always wants to go outside and there is nowhere for her to run around at? I have to make her hold my hand the whole time we are outside because there are always car driving by and the only patch of grass we have she doesn't want to stay in. What I wouldn't give for a huge ass yard...

So, it's hot here. 90s everyday and I decided it's time to take Hadley to the pool. She will love that and it's something new to do to get out of the house. WRONG. All she wants to do is run around the pool and get in and out of the water multiple times. It's a complete fail. Today was so bad that after about 20 minutes I picked her to go inside and she bit my shoulder. Not cool, kid. I don't want to have an out of control child, but nothing works in the discipline area and I really don't want to spank her. I know she is still young, but I feel like if I don't set boundaries now and teach her what is right and wrong then she is going to be out of control. Ugh. I hate this age.