Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I need to update

I really don't know what to say.
I hate when I go at least a week without  updating. It makes me feel like a failure? I don't know. I know that there really isn't anybody that reads my blog, so I guess it is more for my sanity than anything.

I have been feeling very blah lately. Very.
I am feeling very worthless around here.  I don't feel like it's good enough just staying home with Hadley. We are struggling in the finances right now, and it kills me that there is no way I can help with the bills. I know we will be fine and back to normal next month, but it kills me that I do nothing. I also really miss having my own money to buy things. Anythings.

So with that I have decided that I am going to start couponing and I can't let myself give up like last time. It is really overwhelming and confusing, but there has got to be a way that I can understand it and be good at it so I can cut our grocery bill way down. We spent WAY too much on groceries. I want to be an extreme couponer, but not on such an extreme level. Know what I mean?

Anyways, Adam's mom is flying in Thursday night and staying till Wednesday. I have no clue what we will be doing while she is here. We are so boring. This is my day...literally.

7:00- wake up and give Hadley a bottle, then make myself a cup of coffee and turn on the Today show.
8:00- feed Hadley her breakfast solids
9ish- naptime for Hadley, which means I bump or clean...mainly bump
11:00- another bottle for Hadley
12:00- lunch for Hadley followed by playtime on the floor and with me
2:00-bottle naptime for Hadley....more bumping for mama
4:00-trip to the mailbox for mama's Army Wives on Netflix
6:00-solids and bath, depending on the day
7:00-8:00- bedtime!

I seriously have the most boring life of anybody you will ever meet. Something has to change. I need to jump into these online classes or jump into couponing hardcore before I completely lose my mind. Being a stay at home mom is exhausting me!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hadley is 8 months old!
It is such a bittersweet time. I cannot believe that she is this old. I will have a serious breakdown when she turns one. I just don't want her to grow up!

Look at those teeth! My goodness! I believe she is working on some more too, because she is nothing but crank!

*Hadley is now crawling all over the living room, she hasn't figured out how to leave it yet. (thank goodness)
*She is eating a lot of new things. She really loves the Gerber crunchies.
*She has 2 teeth, like I already said.
*She is still in 6-9 month clothing, and size 3 diapers.
*She has said "mama" a few times and is now saying "bye" multiple times a day.
*She really enjoys independent play time lately. She doesn't really want me holding her at all.
*She is still sleeping 12 hours at night and napping pretty good during the day. She usually take 2-3 naps and goes to bed around 8:00 now.

Friday, May 13, 2011


I feet like I am about to lose my mind. I have decided to go back to school to be a medical assistant and I forgot how stressful applying to college was. I believe I can go for free because I'm a military spouse, but I honestly don't know where to start exactly. I am more than overwhelmed. I will be taking all my classes online, so that is probably why I am so confused and frustrated. Andplusalso, I need to get my transcript to see if I can transfer some credits. I wish I could just snap my fingers and somebody would do it for me.

I hate nights. I cringe at night when I turn all the lights off and crawl into my dark bed all by myself. It seriously scares me for some reason. Only at night though.

I am also super cranky right now because the neighbours are partying and it is annoying the shit out of me because they are SO loud! I could really use some wine.

Oh, what's new with Hadley? She realized today that she can actually crawl outside of the living room. Oh boy...I'm not ready for this.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Back to normal

Well...mom has come and gone. I already miss her! You think it would get easier to say goodbye, but it never does. I cry everytime we part. I would give anything to live closer to my family.

I tried so hard to get pictures while mom was here but, it didn't happen. I believe Hadley is about to cut some more teeth because she is a whiney mess. Everytime we would try to get some pictures she refused to even look at the camera, let alone smile. Some random man at the airport took a picture of all 3 of us today, but it is on my mom's camera so I will have to wait to post it here. It turned out really good.

So, I am not a big fan of President Obama but, he was here in town yesterday and I found it pretty exciting. Mom and I decided to go to the zoo because we were bored and there is pretty much nothing to do here. Well we couldn't get to the zoo because all of the roads were blocked off because the President was going to the same way we were. We were driving right down the road when he went down the highway right beside it. I have to admit I though it was really cool. There was about 10 cops on motorcycles, 5 armored SUVS, 3 limos and other random cars and cops. That is the closest I will probably ever be to the President. (Adam got to meet him about 2 years ago)
On our way home we passed by Biggs Army Airfield and saw Air Force One. That thing is HUGE! I couldn't believe how big it was! Amazing.

So yeah, I really don't have that much to report about mom's visit. We did a lot of shopping and playing around the house. I am so lucky that I got to spend my first Mother's Day with my baby and my mom. Adam got me a very sweet card and we just cooked dinner and chilled at the house. I do regret not getting a picture with Hadley though. I refused to take one looking like crap.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So ill...literally.

Hadley and I have been so sick the past week. She is pretty much back to normal, but I am still on my deathbed.

Adam is gone and we are all alone. It is so hard taking care of a baby when you are miserable. I am so ready to feel better again! I went to the doctor yesterday and all that gave me was a Z-pack, which did no good. I also haven't heard the results from my throat culture. Go freakin figure.

I have to take Hadley to the doctor tomorrow for her follow up appointment about her butt, pink eye and cold. I hope her congestion is gone.

The good news is that mom will be here in 2 days!!!! Can you tell I'm excited? I haven't seen her since March and I miss her so much. She is my best friend and I would give anything to live near her and the rest of my family again!

I haven't taken any pictures of Hadley since Easter, but I took this one today because it took me 4 hours to finally get her to nap.