Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I escaped!

I made it out of the house yesterday, even though it was for a post-op appointment, I will still excited to get out and have Hadley get out and run around. My appointment went ok. They took my stitches out and I am now allowed to get my foot wet, which means I can shower. But, I still can't put weight on it and my next surgery to remove the pin isn't until March 13th, so that means 2 more weeks of these damn crutches. I am SO over these crutches! They are hendering me from taking Hadley places and getting her socialized like I was.  They gave me pictures of my break before and after surgery. A little scrapbook my very first break.

Nice, huh?

After my appointment I convinced Adam to take me to Target so I could hobble to the dollar section to get Hadley some Easter stuff so she would stop talking about making Valentines. Poor girl. 

We picked up stickers, Easter craft kits and a strawberry growing kit. I'm kind of excited about growing these strawberries in that tiny little pot. I hope it works. I decided to put the pot in my window in the kitchen.

I swear so much crap breaks in this house. I barely pulled on the string to open the blinds. Geez.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Cabin fever

We have it.

I think Hadley and I are going to go crazy soon if we don't get out of the house. I am dying for a trip to Target with Starbucks in hand. I would prefer that trip to be on 2 legs, so I guess I will have to wait a little longer. Hadley tries to get daddy to take her with him anytime he goes out the door. Poor girl. We are dying around here.

I feel so bad that she has been missing story time at the library because she has really started to get into it. Tomorrow we will be getting out because I have a post op appointment at the hospital. Exciting stuff I tell ya. 

Another reason my Target trip is dire is because Hadley is driving me crazy to make "Valentine's", so I need to scoop up new supplies from the dollar aisle. We need to start on St. Patrick's Day to get her off of Valentine's Day. Girl loves to craft. 

In case you were wondering about potty training, everything is still going great! She doesn't really have any accidents and if she does it's only 1 a day. She is so good about going when she needs to go. She really doesn't even want us asking. That kid is so independent it's ridiculous. I am so proud of her and happy because I don't think I could have handled it when I first broke my foot. I would have definitely gave up and tried again later. 

I haven't been taking many pictures lately, but here are some from my Instagram. Enjoy!

Daddy went into Monkey Joe's just to bring Hadley home a green balloon. That's a good daddy right there.

My "Valentine." I love it!

And my crazy girl, of course.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013

Potty training

I can't even believe I am writing this post. I didn't expect to be potty training anytime soon because Hadley was so adament that she did not want to use the potty. Well, rewind 5 days ago and we have the beginning of our potty training journey. I had this bright idea to tell Hadley that Bella, her stuffed kitty, needed to pee in the potty and wanted to wear panties. Boom! That did it. She instantly wanted to pee in the potty and did so all day long. The first day she had 3 accidents and peed probably 10 times in the potty that day. I was SO proud of her. I did not expect the first day to go so well. 

Day 2 she only had 2 accidents and peed probably 15 times. She was liking it so much that she wanted to pee on the potty constantly! I would give her a sticker to put on her chart after she used the potty and a sticker to put on her hand. By day 3 she didn't have any accidents and was telling me when she needed to go to the potty and did everything herself expect wipe herself. We haven't had any accidents since the 2nd day. I did not expect it to go this well! I definitely think you have to wait until they are ready for it to work so well. I tried about 6 months ago and she probably had 25+ accidents that day. She obviously wasn't ready then.

We are on day 5 and we are still having 0 accidents. She is wearing pull ups to bed and wearing underwear all day long. We stopped using the sticker chart after the 2nd day because she just didn't care about it anymore. I am sure that she will have a relapse, but for now I am enjoying how well she is doing. 

I forgot to mention that on our 2nd day of potty training she went potty at the library on the big potty with me holding her. That shocked me! Especially for the 2nd day! Ok, enough bragging about my little girl. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day

As you may have already known, I was pretty excited about Valentine's Day. I had plans for Hadley and I to enjoy the day. First, I made her heart shaped pancakes with sprinkles for breakfast. As you can imagine that was a hit.

Next, we went for story time at the library and she had fun with that. They gave her a sucker, so of course she was happy.

We spend the rest of the day peeing on the potty, painting, playing and make cookies.

And around 9:00 the in-laws arrived and Hadley was so happy to see her cousin Piper!

But, the night didn't end as well as the day started. 

I broke my foot. I was going down the steps into the garage and I honestly don't know what happened, but I landed on the side of my foot, heard it pop, and in that second I know it was broken. We headed to the ER and x-rays confirmed my foot was shattered. I had to have surgery the next morning and I am still recovering from that. I will have to have surgery again in 2 weeks to have the pins taken out and I am really dreading that. Being put to sleep really made me sick and feel like crap for a good 2 days. I spent that first day throwing up anything I tried to swallow. It was awful. I'm looking at a good 10 weeks before I get to walk on that foot again. I am lucky this happened when Adam had a 4 day weekend and my in-laws are here because it's been impossible for me to do pretty much anything on these crutches. These crutches are kicking my ass. I am really out of shape. So, I hope that your Valentine's Day went a lot better than mine.

Also, I have exciting news. Hadley is pretty much completely potty trained and it only took about 3 days! I will make it's own post about that soon. I am so proud of her it's ridiculous!

Monday, February 11, 2013


I would like to do a quick shoutout for my friend Amy's Etsy shop. She is currently doing a giveaway for her handmade slippers and they are adorable. Check her out on Facebook and Etsy for your chance to win.

Our outings

I believe I mentioned that I am getting Hadley out of the house weekly to get her socialized and to have something new and exciting to do. We have been doing it for a little over a month now and I think she's improving. I've noticed that she plays better with little girls than boys, but she has been nicer to the boys lately. Last weeks Tuesday outing was a rough one. We started the day at Ihop and she was a little wild. I was already a little stressed out. After that we headed to the library and she threw a fit because she didn't want to got to story time. I finally got her in there and she finally got over it, but she still won't dance or clap when the other kids are. I thought she would be into by now. After story time we had Duplo play at the library and she enjoyed that for a good 30 minutes and she was ready to leave. It may have been a lot to handle that. 

This week we have story time tomorrow and a Target run to get some learning supplies. I have realized that I have been slacking on teaching Hadley her colors, letters, numbers, shapes and all that. So, I have pinned a ton of ideas and I am heading to Target tomorrow to make myself feel better. Ha!

We have another big event coming up this week. The in-laws are visiting and Piper is coming too! I have no idea how it's going to be with 2 toddlers in the house, but I'm sure it will interesting and chaotic. It should give us some practice on how it would be with 2 kids. Wish us luck and lots of fun!

And let's not forget it's Valentine's Day! We love the holidays around here. Adam bought Hadley some balloons and they haven't left her sight! They go everywhere around the house.

See what I mean?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Life is overwhelming

The other night as we were getting Hadley ready for bed I found myself completely overwhelmed with emotions I felt toward my child. Overwhelmed with how much I love her and want her to stay little forever. Overwhelmed with the thought of her growing up to be a bratty teenager. Overwhelmed with the thought of her being lonely and not having anybody to play with. 

I spent that night crying for hours about stuff that seemed so silly. Of course I love her, of course she's going to grow up. It's just a part of it. It has to happen. It's funny how one minute I am completely frustrated with the way she is acting and the next minute she is smothering me with kisses and smiles. 

And through all that love and frustration I am still trying to find a good balance on how to effectively discipline her before she is out of control. She is the queen of temper tantrums and I just don't know the best way to get her to chill out. It's becoming hard to take her places because she just acts crazy. At least once a week she is around other kids and she is doing better in some situations, but is still mean in other situations. She followed around this little girl at the bounce house and played with her and then I turn around and she is pushing a little boy off the bounce house saying "mine." I have come to realize she does much better being around girls than boys. I don't know why. I'm hoping she continues to figure out this socializing thing better because I would really like to enroll her in ballet or something when we get our second car. Wish us luck!