Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bless her

Miss Hadley has been jumping herself to sleep. Just this past week she has learned that she can actually jump. It is pretty funny.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby food

First things first, I am blogging from my phone for the first time so I have no clue how this post will look.

Anyways, this is currently what my freezer looks like.

The top is fruits: pears, bananas, plums, apples, and mango.

The bottom is veggies: squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans and green peas.

I really need to go to the grocery store and get some more stuff to make. Because we are in the Army we are automatically approved for WIC so I will start to be giving her some jarred food. I am not happy about to fact that I can't get organic though. Also, I can only get single fruits and I will still be making things like mango and avocados and her meats when I decide to introduce those. I still highly suggest for anybody wanting to make their child's baby food.

Monday, March 28, 2011


I am the worlds worst blogger.

I have the most boring life and have nothing to really talk about. Nothing really new has been going on in this house except Hadley has learned how to crawl....backwards that is. I'm not in any hurry for her to start chasing me around the house though. In due time...all in due time.

We have also started introducing the sippy cup to her with about an ounce of water in it a day just so she can start getting used to it and learning that she is supposed to drink from it, eventually. She doesn't even want to hold her bottle when I feed her so I think it may take awhile before she gets used to the sippy.

Her teething pain has subsided a little bit. Thank God. Her little tooth is so cute and is barely there. I will miss her precious gummy smile. Speaking of..I need to take some new pictures to post up on here. Who doesn't want to look at pictures of a beautiful baby? Exactly.

I will leave you guys with an older picture since I don't have anything new. This is from our trip to the zoo about 2 weeks ago. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cloth Diaper Review

Let me start off by saying that Hadley is 6 months old, 15 lbs and 26 inches long. These diapers fit every baby differently and I happen to have a skinny baby.

This diaper is the BumGenius 4.0 pocket in snaps.
I have about 6 of these diapers and I have not fond of them at all. I don't think I have had any leaks out if this one yet, but it is the bulkiest diaper on her. I do NOT like the bulkiness of cloth diapers. I think that is bothering me more than anything. I also have an AIO in this diaper which is REALLY bulky and bunches up. This diaper runs around $18.

This diaper is the Rumparooz G2 pocket

I thought this was going to be my favorite diaper, but yesterday we had a major leak out of both legs. A pee leak. Wtf? I never get pee leaks in disposables so this made me mad. I have 2 of these diapers. I may buy another one because of a huge sale on a website, but I don't know about it yet. It's kind of bulky, but not that bad. This diaper is the most expensive at about $25.

This diaper is the Kawaii Baby Snazzy Minky pocket

I only have one of this diaper and it is super soft and super cute. They are also the cheapest out of all the diapers at about $10.00 a diaper. I really want to love these diapers because I need some more diapers and don't want to spent another $100 on diapers. It is kind of bulky, but I haven't had a leak out of it yet.

Finally, this diaper is the Happy Heineys pocket

This is the cutest and most trim diaper that I have. I have had this diaper leak though, so it upsets me. I have maybe 5 of these diapers. Including this adorable print above. This diaper runs around $18.00 and I'm not a huge fan of the velcro when it comes to washing and drying. It has laundry tabs, but I find that they don't stay together during laundry time. I just don't want the velcro to wear out. We will see...

So there is my review so far. I am not loving cloth diapers and really wished I wouldn't have gotten sucked into this world because disposables are a lot easier IMO. I do have to say that cloth diapers with 2 inserts and great for overnight. I am glad to have them for at least that reason because Hadley is a heavy wetter and her pajamas were wet every morning in her disposables.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

$250.00 later...

I am officially a green mama.

I breasfed, babywear, make my own baby food and cloth diaper now! I am really feeling conflicted about this whole cloth diaper thing and I haven't even gotten started yet. I found this woman here in town that has a website and thought she had a store, but turned out it was just in her house. So...after getting lost and it taking an hour to get there we bought 12 diapers. 11 pockets and 1 all in one. That was $250.00!!

Now I come home and get in the internet and realize I could have saved a lot of money by buying from other places/different websites. What if I don't even like this!? I should have done a trial, and I know that, but Adam went ahead and got all CD excited and just started picking out diapers. This is a little preview of what we have.

Ok, that's enough since I'm having a hard time getting them to line up the way I want ha. We have a mixture of BumGenius 4.0's, Rumparooz and Happy Heineys.
I am waiting to use them because I have some disposables that I don't want to waste, but I will let you ladies know how I like them and give you my reviews on the brands.

Friday, March 18, 2011


This is going to be a short post....but I thought I would let people know, that actually read my blog, that I am coming back!! My computer is fixed so I need to get up on updating this thing. I will try to over the weekend, but for now I leave you with a beautiful picture of Hadley in a beautiful cloth diaper. Yep...we have moved over to the dark side.

Friday, March 11, 2011

bye bye?

Do you know how hard it is to blog from a phone? Yeah...not easy. My computer has crashed and we canceled our internet service but still have a cable where I can hook my phone up to my computer and still use the internet. So...with that being said, I probably won't be updating this blog unless I can get my computer back up because what good is a blog without pictures? No good.