Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Christmas jammies!

Thanks to my friend Courtney over at A+life I am now thinking about this years Christmas jammies. Every year I have picked out Christmas jammies that she opens on Christmas Eve night.

We buy A LOT of Hadley's clothes, if not all, from Old Navy and I love how their pjs fit, so I am pretty sure her's will come from there again this year. Here are some cute ones to choose from.

I'm pretty in love with those fox ones..

Monday, October 28, 2013

The news!

The news I have been waiting for many months finally came this past weekend. 


Yes, the caps were necessary. I am so excited about our future, but also scared because with Adam's new job comes deployments. We have been lucky in our almost 4 years of marriage that we haven't experienced a deployment yet. But, the inevitable is coming and coming soon. Adam will have to deploy either Feb or June. Let's hope for June, because Feb is just too soon! 

A lot of good things are coming though. Like a new house, a new car, and possibly and new job for me and preschool for Hadley. This new year will definitely bring new things and it's an exciting and scary adventure. 

But, all in all I am so proud that after almost a year in school Adam graduated this past Friday and is now a Civil Affairs Operator. He has worked his ass off for this!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hubb's Corn Maze

Yesterday we made the journey to Clinton, NC to Hubb's Corn Maze. Kris and I have been searching for a corn maze/pumpkin patch and this is the one we found that we thought would be the best for the kids. It turned out to be pretty small and not a pumpkin patch at all, or a petting zoo, but the kids still had a blast and that was all that mattered. 

Sweet Olivia!
It was a really challenge to get my child to smile. Ugh.
This one would have been so good if Hadley wasn't cheesing like that. Ha!
The slide was a big hit!
I absolutely love these babies!
They didn't love this as much as I thought they would.
Where we got uber dirty
I have to say this was the best part. The kids rode it over and over. 

Hayride to see a whole 3 animals, and they didn't even stop. Blah.
Pumpkin ice cream, y'all!
And a throwback picture of Hadley's first pumpkin patch!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Pumpkin painting 2013

We got our baby pumpkins yesterday at the store for our annual pumpkin decorating. Last year I guess we waited until the last minute and we just used markers. They weren't so beautiful.

This year's was much better. Hadley was much more excited about it.
 I'm super creative, huh?
We had a blast doing it. Little things like this are so important to me! Tomorrow is out trip to the pumpkin patch with our best friends. I will share pictures soon!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My goodness I haven't updated in awhile! I have even had a birthday since the last time I posted. I'm 24 now :)

My fabulous friend Krys spoiled me with wine and yummy candy cake. She is the best.
I have been spending a lot of time with Krys and her kids because Adam has been having to work a lot and was gone last week for 4 days. I just love cuddling her precious babies. 
Aren't they precious!?

If you're wondering if I know where I'm moving yet, then join the club. We still haven't received our orders because of the government shutdown. The DOD civilians are the ones that post the orders, and they aren't working. I'm getting a little antsy to say the least! Next week Adam will be gone for 2 weeks and after that he will be graduating if all goes as planned. After graduation Adam will go to Georgia for more training for 3 weeks. I will be coming to Tennessee for pretty much the whole month of November! I'm pretty excited!!
Fingers still crossed that we stay here! We will know soon!