Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas is officially over. Thank goodness. I love Christmas, but I am so glad that it has finally passed. Hadley had a great Christmas, even if she didn't know it. She really racked up this year and I get to ship all of that lovely stuff back home to Texas since my suitcase won't contain the madness. I really racked up too and was surprised as just how many gifts I got. See, once you get older the presents are few and far in between, but my mom never disappoints. I received sweaters, a beautiful black dress, gray boots, camis, MONEY, just to name a few. Hadley got TONS of toys,outfits and other little things that I put in her stocking and picked up along the way.

I didn't get as many pictures as I should have, but there are pictures floating around on other people's cameras that I can hopefully track down. But, here are some that I have to show off for now.

 Opening her first present.

While Skyping daddy of course...

Are these all for me?

The Klean Kanteen. Pretty awesome.

 Mama and baby

 You woke me up for this?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We didn't get a smile, but we didn't get tears either. 

I guess I would call it a win.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hadley is 15 months old!

The best way to describe Hadley these days is a mess. She is such a hand-full and forming the sweetest (sometimes) personality. She has seemed to have a learning explosion since we have been home. She has learned 2 or 3 new words over the past week and has learned other new things, like how to wink and give the "mean mug." She is such a big girl now, it's really hard to believe. The most shocking of all of these things is that she doesn't want me to hold her to sleep anymore. The past few days that I have tried she has just bucked backwards out of my arms. So, I have resorted to just laying her down in her crib and she does really well with it. She whines for a little bit, but it's really shocking at how easy it is. 

I tried to take her paci away about a week ago and that was a total fail. I have done a pretty good job at keeping it away from her during the day, but she is not ready to get rid of it for sleeping. Not going to happen. So much for that...

Here are some recent pictures!

Check out those molars!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

New shoes!

For me, not Hadley.

Well actually Hadley did get some new shoes this week. I guess I could show those off as well since this is blog is supposed to be about her. 

These aren't exactly what I wanted, but Target was out of the ones I liked. These are Faded Glory from Walmart. I just bought them for church. She will probably only end up wearing them twice.

Anyway, here are my new beautiful shoes!

The Sanuk Donna Sidewalk Surfers. I love Sanuks. LOVE. I have another pair that I got last year for Christmas I wear them a lot. I am a huge fan of flats and I really love these and my Toms. I'm not sure which is exactly my favorite. But yeah, I would highly recommend these to anybody who has never tried them out. They are $52.

Oh, and they look a lot better on than they do in picture. They match everything.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Picture post

Because I am much better with pictures than I am words.

Hadley loved, and I mean loved, this penguin wrapping paper. She held on tight and gave it kisses. Silly girl.

Monday, December 5, 2011

I made it...barely.

I made it to Tennessee! It was not an easy journey whatsoever, but here I am. Now, here is a little story of my chaotic past 2 days.

Saturday morning I headed to the airport around 8 to catch my 9:30 flight. I like to get there a little early and we decided to just do breakfast in the airport to make sure Hadley was good and full on "real" food before getting on the plane. That part went pretty well. Adam was allowed to go through security with me and to my gate because he is military. That is one of the awesome perks because it's not fun getting through security with a stroller, bag and toddler in your arms. We made it to the gate and said our goodbyes.

The first flight went pretty well. I was shocked. It was a hour and 30 minute flight and Hadley stayed awake the whole time and ate a ton of snacks and looked out the window, played with my hair. Silly stuff. She fell asleep on the way down from that flight and woke up a short 30 minutes later. I was disappointed. I really thought she would sleep longer. Well, she was pretty cranky on our second flight, which was 1 hour and 45 minutes. She did fall asleep for a little while and then all hell broke loose. She woke up as the plane was descending and just lost it. I guess she was either still tired or the pressure was hurting her ears. She had her paci and refused her sippy. There wasn't anything I could do but hold her. I could hear strangers saying things like "She just needs a bottle and she will be fine." Really people? Like I need to hear your stupid advice when you have no clue what you're talking about. Thanks.

So, after 20 minutes of crying we finally landed in Nashville Tennessee. TENNESSEE! Oh, how I have missed you. Well guess what?

Southwest screwed me over and lost one of my bags. My big bag. With ALL of my stuff in it. To make a possible long story short, I didn't get my bag until about 30 hours later. I have been very stressed out and cranky the past 2 days with all that has gone on. I had to wear the same thing for 2 days and didn't have any of my personal items. I don't want to fly again for a very long time. Too bad I have to do this all over again in like 25 days. 

No pictures from our "vacation" yet. We are still trying to settle in and get Hadley on some sort of schedule. The time change screws all of us up. Wish us luck!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

First boo boo

Well, we had our first boo boo involving blood yesterday. 
Hadley had been cranky all day so I decided taking her outside would be a good idea to cheer her up. That did work until she face planted the pavement. I picked her up, saw the blood and ran inside to the bathroom. My poor baby was screaming bloody murder and I was crying too. This was pretty much my fault. I should have been holding her hand while she was trying to maneuver around the speed bumps and sidewalks. 
She ended up skinning her forehead and nose up pretty good. Her forehead and swollen and just looked awful. I  just keep replaying the image of seeing her fall in my head, over and over and over. Now, I know that is only the  beginning, but she is too little to be bleeding. Bless her heart. 

She is fine now and I hope this heals quickly because she has professional pictures in a couple weeks. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Well, this post is 4 days late. Better late than never I say.

Our Thanksgiving was very low key and boring. This is the very first Thanksgiving that I haven't spent with my family and the first that Adam, Hadley and I have all been together. Last year I was home at this time with Hadley while Adam was here. Anyway, we laid around being lazy all day and I didn't even get out of my pjs. I did however get Hadley out of her's.

That was the only picture I took of her. She doesn't smile for pictures much these days. She smiles all the time though. I promise.

So, I made a turkey, dressing, corn, mac and cheese and rolls. It was really good! I was really proud of myself. This was the first Thanksgiving meal I had made and my very first Turkey. It turned out really tender and juicy. I was so worried that it was going to be dry. 

Hadley didn't eat when we did because we time it correctly around her lunch time. But, she did do drive-by tastings and really liked the turkey, which is huge for her since it's a PITA to get her to eat meat. She is so picky about meat. I got her to eat leftovers for a couple of days actually.  I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Counting down the days...

2 weeks.

2 weeks until Hadley and I fly home for a month. I am getting SO excited!!
This will probably be the last time we come home for a year probably. Flying isn't cheap and once she turns 2 I will have to buy her a ticket, and let's face it, we aren't the richest people in the World. So, I am going to try my hardest to enjoy every second that I have with my family. Of course my mom will fly out here to visit between my next trip home, but I will still miss out on seeing my friends and other family. 

Anyway, I am going to see Breaking Dawn tomorrow! By myself. At 10 a.m. I am super cool, huh? Well, that's what you have to do when you live somewhere where your only friend doesn't like Twilight and your husband has to watch the baby. Eh, it will be just fine. :)

Hadley is being difficult lately, which isn't anything new, but I feel like I haven't updated about her in awhile. This kid really tests my limits sometimes, but I am blaming the current nonsense on teething. Hell, I blame every cry/whine on teething. I don't know what else could be wrong with her. I look in her mouth and it's a swollen, white mess. It looks like they could all pop through at once. I'm scared. But yeah, that's whats going on there. Here is a picture as usual.

I don't take pictures a lot anymore, but I am pretty happy that she is still RFing. :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I am struggling to update my blog here lately. I feel like I have nothing interesting or exciting to talk about. I know that this blog is pretty much for me and that maybe 3 people actually read what I write, but I feel like I have an obligation to update this blog. I really wish that I had started this blog when Hadley was born so I could remember every single thing about her first year of life. I regret not writing down her birth story because Lord knows I can't remember all the details now. 

Anyway, I have been feeling pretty down lately and unhappy with life in general. It kind of drives me crazy how things change just as I really have them figured out. For instance, Hadley was sleeping really well until Daylight Savings Time. Now she thinks it's time to wake up at 5 or 6 and that's just too early for this mama. Her normal wake time was anywhere from 7-8. I would kill to have that back again. 

Another thing that is stressing me out is Hadley's eating habits. She is getting picky and it's stressing me out because she has refused dinner for the last 2 weeks pretty much. I wouldn't worry about this so much if she wasn't so little, but she is and she needs all the calories that she can get. I was so proud of her tonight because she actually ate pretty much all of her dinner. I could of screamed I was so happy. 

One thing I forgot to mention was that Hadley and I will be going home for the whole month of December. I am SO happy and excited to be going home to my family but sad that Adam can't join us. I will be leaving here December 3rd, so my blog may be neglected for awhile. 

Here is a picture I took of Hadley today. It's perfect.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


First, I feel like it's been a long time since I have updated. It has only been about a week though. I haven't even checked blogger in about a week and missed all my friends new posts. I kind of feel bad about this. Anyway...

Hadley's 2nd Halloween has come and gone. We picked out a cow costume this year that my step dad was pretty proud of since he owns a dairy farm. She happened to look very cute in it if I do say so myself.

Here we are at Boo at the Zoo.

Her and daddy are best friends.

I ended up taking her "trick or treating" around the apartment complex, which was actually to only about 3 apartments. We pretty much just walked around looking for other trick or treaters and seeing if anybody had any signs on their doors or other things that would give a hint that they were giving out candy. We didn't want to just knock on everybody's door and annoy them. So I ended up with a little bit of candy, nothing real good. I am hoping the Halloween candy at Walmart goes on sale for more than 50% off. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Terrible 1's?

I really thought that Hadley's attitude was changing and that turning 1 magically turned her into a happier baby. I was wrong. Very wrong.

This kid throws temper tantrums If you wipe her hands and face, she screams. If you lay her down to change her diaper, she screams. If you take her out of the bath, she screams. You get the idea. She has also been trying to cut a top tooth for a month now, making #8 if the thing ever decides to cut. 

I feel like I am slowly losing my mind again. I just want a happy baby. I am so jealous of those mothers who say they freak out when their child screams because it never happens. My child is always screaming. Every day. I just don't understand. I always thought I wanted 2 kids, but now there is no way in hell I can put myself through this again. My nerves just can't handle it. 

On another note, I am super stressed out because Adam decided that he wanted Hadley and I to spend December in TN since he will be so busy working and wants us to have an actual Christmas instead of another day...Well plane tickets are really, really expensive for the month of December. I don't know if we are going to be able to go home now. I need a miracle to come for us to be able to go home. I shall pray to the airline gods. 

I don't have any new pictures, but I will after this weekend because we are going to do something for Halloween. I'm not sure what yet. We are either going to take her to a Monster Bash on post of Boo at the Zoo Saturday. Stay tuned.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The pumpkin patch

We took our very first trip to the pumpkin patch Saturday. It was a very hot day here in the desert so our trip didn't last as long as I would have liked. It shouldn't be 90 degrees in October. It just shouldn't.

We looked at the goats.

She didn't care anything about them.

Her and daddy did a lot of walking around.

What are these orange things?

Can you tell she was hot and over it?

She drunk her whole sippy of water the whole hour we were there. We didn't go through the corn maze or do any activities, but she kid had a blast walking around until she realized how damn hot it was. We left after the pumpkin patch part. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Test results.

After waiting a long 2 weeks I found out today that nothing is wrong with my little girl. Thank God nothing is wrong with her that we know of, but I am freaking pissed that he couldn't tell me over the phone. Anyway, he said that there were 2 other options for testing to see why she wasn't gaining weight and I opted out of those for the time being. I told him that if she didn't gain any weight by her 15 month check up that I would revisit those options then. She has been through so much in the last month and I really don't feel like torturing her anymore. 

So, that is pretty much it. I am going to try my best to get some good fats into her little belly but she is very picky lately, especially with the nonstop teething. Wish us luck!

Friday, October 14, 2011

The kid is sick.

I am so thankful that we made it a whole year without so much as a cold, but now my little toddler is sick. Our luck was bound to run out sometime, right? Well, ever since we have came back to Texas Hadley has been off a little bit. It started out with red, dry, itchy eyes and I thought maybe she was developing allergies. Now 2 weeks later she started to get a hoarse voice and a wheeze. It just so happens that Adam got sick about a week ago, so I'm pretty sure that's where she got it. We took her to urgent care yesterday because we couldn't get into the ped clinic on post and it turns out she has Laryngitis and an Upper Respiratory Infection. Poor kid. They gave her a steroid shot and wrote her a prescription for steroids and antibiotics for a week. On top of all of this she is still teething, so she is one whiny mess. 

This is how she has been taking her naps for the past 2 days.

Bless her heart.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Because I'm feeling nostalgic.


1 month

2 months

3 months

4 months

5 months

6 months

7 months

8 months

9 months

10 months

11 months

12 months!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

12 month stats and a bad appointment.

Hadley's 12 month check up was stressful, to say the least. She weighed in at only 17.12 lbs and 28 inches long. The concern with this is that she only weighed 16.9 at 9 months. She seems to be falling off of the growth chart. Let me just say that I am irritated with the military doctors because I have always been concerned about her weight. I thought something was off at her 9 month appointment, but the doctor said she was perfect even though she was in the 3rd percentile then. 

So, the doctor ordered a bunch of blood tests to rule out anemia, thyroid issues and other illnesses. I'm trying to be positive and think that it's just normal for her since her daddy and I are short and small people. They want us to come back in 2 weeks to have her urine tested if nothing comes back in her blood. That requires a cathedar. I think I am going to pass on that. I can't imagine doing that to her for what I think is not necessary. I think she is a healthy, active toddler. So, any well wishes sent our way would be much appreciated. 

Monday, September 26, 2011


Let me just say, I love Hadley being a toddler. I don't want to jinx anything, but I think she may have grown out of her crankiness...for awhile anyway.

She is so sweet, loving and happy for the most part. The only time she is really fussy is when she is tired or her teeth are bothering her. She loves giving hugs and kisses and cuddling with me while I read her a book or play with a toy. She brings a book or toy to me and scoots her butt against me trying to get me to open my legs so she can lay in between them and rest her leg on my thigh. She is seriously so precious.

 I am still on "vacation" and dread going home because it never gets easier. I hate taking Hadley away from her family that she never gets to see. They love her so much and have so much fun with her. I feel like I am depriving her from social skills since she is always only surrounded by Adam and I. She was so scared of everybody when we first got here, but started to warm up real fast and now she loves her family. It seriously breaks my heart to live so far away from everybody that I love. But, Adam is seriously wanting to get out of the Army if he can find a job where he can make the same or more amount that he is now, and let's be honest, that isn't easy in this economy. So wish us luck! I will try to update again soon. Here is a new picture for your entertainment of course!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Long time no see..

Man, it's hard to find time to blog when you are on vacation. The funny this is, that I'm not really even doing anything. A lot has happened since I updated last. My baby turned into a 1 year old toddler. We went to the aquarium for her birthday, and she could have cared less about the fish. 

Her birthday was the 14th, but we had her party on the 17th. It was a pretty big hit. I think there were like 35 people here. Way more than I thought would be here. She slept for the first hour, but that turned out to be ok because everybody was watching the UT game and we just went ahead and ate. 

I have tons more pictures, but that would totally overload my blog. We will still be in Tennessee until October 3rd and mom's vacation has ended so Hadley and I pretty much just chill around the house by ourselves. She is cutting her 5th tooth so she is very cranky and whiny. Teething is one of the worst things in the world! I won't get to take Hadley is her 12 month check up until she is actually 13 months which bothers me, but I guess it will be ok. I am so curious as to how much she weighs. She is getting so heavy to carry around!