Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Random ramblings

Have I ever told you all how much I hate the people that live under us? Well, I do. EXTREMELY hate them. So we have new neighbors that have just moved in across from us and I'm hoping they're not douchebags like the people downstairs. Wish my sanity luck. 

I thought today was going to be pay day. I really, really wanted it to be because we really need groceries. Thank God I only have to wait one more day. I hope. 

I sold Hadley's travel system and bassinet on Craigslist, so we are going shopping this week for new clothes. She doesn't have much 18-24 months items so we really need to get on this. I will be hitting up Old Navy, Carters and Target for sure. I love how Old Navy and Carters fit her, and Target just has the cutest new clothes and shoes for Spring. She basically needs a new wardrobe. Kids are so expensive. Thank God we only have one. 

Adam is gone all week. He will come back for the weekend, but will be gone again next week. It really sucked having to wake Hadley up at 3:30 am Monday to take Adam to work. I will have to do that again next Monday. Ugh.

The weather is so beautiful here. It's been in the 60's and 70's and we have been trying to get outside eveyday and just walk around since we have nothing else to do. I would like to take Hadley to the park sometime and the library because she has never been and I know she would just love all those books. I probably read to her 30 times a day. The kid is obsessed with books. Drives me crazy sometimes. 

Hopefully I can get some new pictures sometime. What is a blog without pictures, right?

Friday, January 27, 2012

I don't even know where to start, I just know that I need to update this freakin' blog. I majorly suck at blogging.

Well, I decided to sell pretty much all of Hadley's baby gear on Craigslist and I'm actually pretty sad about this. I know there is no point in keeping these things since we won't be having another child unless it's divine intervention, but it still makes me sad to let go of these things. I am selling her travel system, Rock N' Play, Bumbo, and a few other things. The hardest thing I am having trouble parting with is the travel system. I still use the stroller, but it's huge and matches the carseat so I might as well sell them together. I would like a jogging stroller, but those things are really expensive. I just need to suck it up, huh?

Adam has finally made the decision about changing his job and that means that we should be moving somewhere new in September. I'm pretty excited about this. I would be more excited if he were actually getting out of the Army, but we can't just afford to get out and have nothing to fall back on. So, this new job means more money, shorter work days, no deployment and a new duty station. We have no clue where we will end up, but we are requesting to be in the south. Even a 7 hour drive home would be nicer than being this far away. Wish us luck.

Here is a sort of photo dump. I rarely take pictures of Hadley anymore because she just won't stay still for them.

Picking dandelions.

Our one day of 50 degree weather warranted the cute penguin hat she never gets to wear.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A little happiness.

We filed our income taxes today!!!

I am so excited that we are getting back a pretty good chunk of money that is going to allow us to pay off some debt and FINALLY, finally get me a car. See, technically I have a car but it is a POS that doesn't run and has a few other problems that we aren't sure about. This POS is a Mercedes, so it would be very costly to fix everything in order for me to be comfortable enough driving it around with Hadley in the back. Adam already traded his truck in for a 4 door Nissan Maxima which is what I will get to drive once he trades in my car for something he can drive back and forth to work. I am so excited to get some freedom from these four walls..

Adam is also in the process or trying to decide what to do about our future. Stay in the Army or get out. He will most likely be changing his job and hopefully that will include a pay raise and a change of duty station. We want to badly to be closer to home. I would be so much happier. I also want Hadley to have a life outside of these 4 walls. I don't think it's healthy for either of us to be couped up all the time. 

So, that's the big things that are going on in our house right now. Hadley is just as mean and unruly as ever, so nothing new to update there. She refuses to listen to anything I say and insists on doing everything she shouldn't. I can't wait till she will listen to me. Ugh..

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm alive.


It's been a long time since I have posted. This is actually the first time I have been on my computer since being home except to Skype my mom. I have been such a slacker, huh? Well, it's been pretty hectic around here and I just haven't been in the blogging mood. I feel like there is so much new with Hadley that I don't even know where to start. I haven't updated in like 3 weeks. 

Hadley is now 16 months old. I don't even know how she got this old? 16 months just sounds so old. Ha! We had her 15 month appointment a couple of weeks ago and she weighed 20.10 pounds and was 31 inches long. I was very happy with her stats because she actually gained weight. My hard work did pay off! So, for now the doctors aren't concerned about her being so tiny. We are pretty little too, so I guess that has something to do with it. 

On the physical and mental side of things Hadley is also doing great. She knows about 20 words and never shuts up. She had a huge language explosion while we were in Tennessee and hasn't slowed down since. It amazes me how much she knows. It's scary sometimes. I wish I had some new pictures to share, but I haven't really taken any since Christmas. I guess I could share one from her photo shoot with her baby cousin. I will try to update again soon!