Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our Tennessee Trip

Well, we got back from our trip to Tennessee last night and it was a whirlwind that went by so fast. We found out that 3 days isn't enough time to fit in time with all your family. Our weekend consisted of a lot of driving back and forth trying to spend time with everybody. Our drive there sucked. Traffic was bad and it was raining part of the time. We didn't get into Tennessee until after 10 and we were exhausted. Crap, we were completely exhausted the whole time, but anyway..

Friday we got up and went to eat lunch with Adam's mom and dad and visited his family for a little while. That night we came back to my mom's and had a cookout with my family. 

My sister Crystal

Saturday we spent all day at the lake and had a blast. Hadley loved riding on the boat and running around like crazy.

Saturday night we had dinner at Red Bone with my family again.

I love this picture! Hadley was "roar-ing"

Sunday we left the lake and headed to Adam's family to spend the day celebrating his mom's birthday. We had a good time there playing with the babies and getting in the pool, which was crazy cold.

And then before you knew it it was Sunday morning and time to head home. We had a good time spending time with our family, but man was it exhausting. There just wasn't enough time. I have never seen Hadley sleep so much. That was kind of nice. Ha! We came back to an overgrown yard, wilted tomato plants, and a flat tire only to find out we have to replace all 4. Back to reality.

Friday, May 17, 2013

My countdown!

In one week I will be in Tennessee! Woohoo! I am so excited! I only wish I could stay longer! Also, in one month I will be at the beach! To which I also wish I could stay longer. 4 days is just not enough time to spend with family or at the beach. 

Nothing has really been doing on in our little world. I finally had blood work done to see if I could find out why I'm always tired all the time and it turns out I have a b12 deficiency, so I am taking weekly shots for that. Fun, huh? I have had 2 shots so far and haven't noticed a difference. I am still my sleepy self and it doesn't help that my kid wakes up at 6:00. I would do anything to get that kid to sleep later. 

The weather has been beautiful here and we spend most mornings outside. I am not a fan of extreme heat, so by the time the afternoon rolls around I am ready to go inside. The good news is that I have a nice little tan going on. I am lucky that Hadley likes to hang out on the porch with me while I lay in the sun and she picks me flowers to put in my hair. She is the sweetest. 

I guess I could update on my working out, but that's not really been happening. I tried really hard to change my diet and eat things I didn't want to and I saw no difference. If anything I gained weight. My weight changes by the day and it's really frustrating so I kind of gave up. I'm a fattie at heart and that's a hard thing to change. I really like my fast food and I hate working out. I think if I had a gym membership then maybe I would be more serious about it, but I don't see that happening. Ugh. 

So, there's my ramblings for the week. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Mother's Day Post

I'm spending Mother's Day with my little girl, as I have every single day since she was born, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

I am so lucky that this little girl is the little one that made me a mother. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a mom. I had that experience come to me in a unexpected way and time, but I wouldn't change it at all. That little 8 pound 21 inches long baby girl changed my life the moment I found out I was pregnant with her. I have changed so much because of my little girl. She has changed the way I think about everything and I never knew that my mind would be obsessed with children's products for the rest of my life. I spend all my time thinking of what I can do for Hadley, what I can buy her, what will keep her the safest, what foods to put in her body, and so on. I took my responsibility so seriously her first year of life that I think my family and friends thought I was crazy. As a mother I took everything to the best level to be the best mother than I could be. 

I pride myself in being a good mother and I have to thank my own mother for being the mother that I am today. I would be nothing without  my mother. She has been my best friend and support through everything that I have been through and I literally couldn't have made it through some hard times in my life if it weren't for her. She has tried her best to be near me over the past 3 years and I love that she misses Hadley and I just as much as I miss her. If I had it my way I would see my mom everyday. I miss her so much!

So Hadley, I want to take this time to thank you for making me a mother and for loving me and letting me love you. I  hope to spend countless more Mother's Days with you. I love you so much little girl. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

I was wondering if I had some new pictures to upload since I don't take that many, but it turns out that I do so that must mean I have posted in awhile. Oops. 

We have been doing the same ol same ol. Playing at the park, Monkey Joe's, story time, and spending time outside. The weather lately has been really crappy so we spent all weekend inside. It was pretty boring. I spent a lot of time hitting my books and studying hard. The weather isn't looking too great this week either. Ugh.

We rescheduled our beach trip for June 14th, so we are going home for 4 days May 23rd. I am excited about going home, but 4 days isn't hardly enough time to fit in family and friends. I wish we could spend more time there. We are also only getting to spend 4 days at the beach, so I know that time will go by so fast too. 

April 30th was my 3 year anniversary! Woot woot!

And another update that I'm not too happy about it that we found out our choices for our next duty station. It is pretty much between Fort Bliss, Texas or Fort Lewis, Washington. Adam doesn't really care either way, because he deals with being away from family and traveling well, but I am really going to be upset if we have to go to one of those places. We will not be able to afford to go home being that far away. It's a real bummer. There is a 5% chance we can stay here, but I'm not even getting excited about that because I doubt it's going to happen. Keep your fingers crossed for us though. 

Here are some pictures I have taken over the past 2 weeks. 

Falling asleep naked right after a bath

Her favorite part of the park

The most fun she's had grocery shopping

Tickle time with daddy

Duplo time at the library

She has to pick flowers every time we are at the park

Friday, May 3, 2013


I have been watching these 2 little blue eggs for about 2 weeks now and Hadley and I finally saw something special this morning.

Baby birds! So cute, yet so ugly at the same time.