Sunday, July 28, 2013

Preschool lesson I,J, and K.

I really slacked this past week or so with preschool, but I had vacation as an excuse. I haven't done any fun crafts for these lessons, but am getting back into it hardcore this upcoming week. Also, I usually have way more activities and printables that we don't always get to because Hadley gets tired of learning or doesn't want to finish something we are working on.

"I" worksheet from and ice cream color by numbers from
I actually thought of the ice cream craft myself, which is why it looks so crappy.

Lesson "J"
 "J" tracing sheet and #1 tracing sheet both from 
Jellyfish coloring page from 
Notice how she got tired of coloring it.

Lesson "K"
"K" tracing sheet and #2 tracing sheet from
"K" worksheet from

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Myrtle Beach trip #2

This past Sunday night my mom, sister, and nephews traveled all the way from TN to come see us. 
Warning: photo overload!!
Hadley was so excited to see her Nana, Crystal, Hunter, and Ethan! That night we ate some yummy dinner at Cheddars and then the kids played and had ice cream at the house.

The next morning we got up and headed for the beach. We finally made it there around 1 and set off to the pool.
We went down to the ocean for a minute and as soon as Hunter stepped in the water he got bit by a jellyfish, so the ocean was short lived that first day. That night we ate at Carrabas and it was SO good!

The next day we spent half the day at the beach and half the day at the pools.

 After all that playing we went back to the room to get ready to eat and play at Broadway at the Beach. We ate at Hard Rock and then did some carnival rides and got ice cream!
The next day was our day to leave, but we spent a little bit at the beach. It's a shame that it was cloudy the whole time because I really wanted to come back with a tan, but that didn't happen. Nevertheless, the kids had fun and that's all that matters!



Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New friends: Furry and not so furry

Over he past couple of weeks we have made some new friends. I finally broke out of my shell enough to talk to a couple other moms at the library and one in particular, Krys, was very welcoming to me and invited me to her playdate group. First, we met her and her son Jackson at the movies for the kids to watch Despicable Me together and share popcorn. They both did really well!

Next, after story time on Tuesday we went to her house to have a playdate with a few other moms and their children. I was so nervous about going because I am shy and tend to say things I shouldn't ( I have no filter), but all went well! The kids made pizzas, played in the pool, played on the swingset, and then came in and played inside. Hadley did really well! I could tell she was overwhelmed, but she never stopped moving. She's not used to all the kids and excitement! We only had 2 incidents and those happened within the last hour of being there and it had to do with sharing. It always does..
But, as soon as we got in the car and she stopped crying she passed out. Successful playdate I say.

Isn't he adorable? I should also mention that his mama has 3 week old twin girls and is pretty much supermom. I am so impressed with her because I'm sure I would be in a corner crying.

Next, we Adam decided to add guinea pigs to our home. 
You may already know that we have 2 dwarf robo hamsters. The hamsters have been sharing a nice comfy home until I noticed that Gaspard's butt was raw and missing hair. We took him to Petsmart and they seemed to think it was mites. Well, I didn't see any mites so I decided to just separate them and see what happened. Turns out they just didn't get along and listen was biting him. I guess. So, now we have 2 cages for 2 hamsters.

Fast forward to our visit to Petsmart on Saturday and $140 later we have guinea pigs and everything to take of them. We gave the guinea pigs the hamsters old cage because it's pretty big, but we plan on getting them a huge one soon so they can have more room. Guinea pigs are high maintence little creatures and need a lot of attention. So far I'm the one giving all the attention. Thanks babe.

Meet Sammy. Again, Adam named them.
Hadley with Sully.
These actually are the perfect animal for Hadley because they just like to sit in your lap.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Preschool lessons F,G, and H.

This past week has been crazy here. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, but Hadley has turned into a crazy lady, so teaching has been extra hard and took me all week to get her lessons done. Here's what we did.

Lesson F
"F" fire craft idea from here.
Frog coloring sheet and "F" word find both from

Lesson G
Giraffe craft idea from here.
"G" printable from here.
Pretty sure my grape printable came from

Lesson H. This one was the real struggle of the week.
Find the "H" sheet and the horse coloring sheet both from
"H" tracing sheet from

I should update that I have decided to quit The fact that she couldn't use the mouse and that it bored her made me decide to cancel it. I really thought she would have liked it. Oh well.

I picked up a Leap Frog pre-K lesson book from Target's school section this week and I love it. I use it daily to go over numbers, colors, shapes, alphabet, etc. You should check it out!

We are also still using our flash cards daily. I can tell they are making a difference.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How we do preschool

When I first had the idea to do preschool at home I took to Pinterest and my mind was exploding with a million ideas of stuff I wanted to do. I wanted to transform Hadley's whole playroom into a classroom, but realized that's not necessary. I jumped into this earlier that I had planned, so I don't have all the supplies I want or her room decorated with anything at all really, but that's ok. 

Our school is mostly done at Hadley's little table.
We use our easel a lot. I am so glad we have this thing. We use the chalk side a lot to practice our letters.

Our house has a little hallway half closet that I use to store all of Hadley's supplies. I spend a lot of time looking for printables and wearing out my printer. I foresee going through a lot of ink. 

As for our schedule, we don't really go by one. I try to do formal school at least 3 days a week, sometimes more. On days that we do school I usually start the day with a lesson or 2 on ABC mouse and then jump into teaching her myself. I try to have 3 or 4 activities planned for the letter we are learning that day and then something with math, shapes, etc.  I like to have everything done before lunch because Hadley has a short attention span and we she starts to get tired she doesn't pay attention very well. 

When we are having an off today, like today, I still like to break out the flash cards, books and ABC mouse.
You definitely don't have to have a structured schedule for your child to learn. That's what I have realized the most in the short time we have been doing this. 

Any questions? Feel free to ask.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Preschool with C, D, and E

This past week in school at home we went over the letters C, D, and E with review of A and B from the week before. 

On Monday we did letter C. 
We did a caterpillar craft similar to the one below.
Hadley decided to rip her's up before I could get a picture of it. 

Q-tip painting a castle sheet

And cheerio math

Wednesday we did D
A cute dog craft, our actual picture this time.

Letter D coloring sheet

Tracing sheet

Friday was letter E
Eagle craft, which I was pretty proud of

This coloring sheet from
And that's actually as far as we got Friday because she was just not having it. 
Every morning I review the previous letter using these worksheets from 

I really like the printables from Also, we have been using ABC mouse pretty much daily and it's mainly a review since it takes awhile to get through each lesson and I tend to be ahead of it. I also picked up some flashcards from Barnes and Noble last night and I'm pretty excited about using them. 
For some odd reason this picture won't rotate. I'm sorry about that.
By posting all of this I'm hoping that maybe I can help someone out and give someone else some ideas!