Tuesday, May 1, 2012


This age is a hard age. Very hard.

Do you know how hard it is living in an apartment complex with a child that always wants to go outside and there is nowhere for her to run around at? I have to make her hold my hand the whole time we are outside because there are always car driving by and the only patch of grass we have she doesn't want to stay in. What I wouldn't give for a huge ass yard...

So, it's hot here. 90s everyday and I decided it's time to take Hadley to the pool. She will love that and it's something new to do to get out of the house. WRONG. All she wants to do is run around the pool and get in and out of the water multiple times. It's a complete fail. Today was so bad that after about 20 minutes I picked her to go inside and she bit my shoulder. Not cool, kid. I don't want to have an out of control child, but nothing works in the discipline area and I really don't want to spank her. I know she is still young, but I feel like if I don't set boundaries now and teach her what is right and wrong then she is going to be out of control. Ugh. I hate this age. 

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