Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend was a long and productive one. We may have went a little overboard with money and activities. Ha! Saturday we decided to take Hadley to one of the parks on post that we haven't been to before and it was a hit! It was so much nicer and bigger than the one I usually take her to beside our house. There was tons to do and a lot of stuff that made me nervous. It's a good thing daddy was with us because I can't really run after her or play on all the things like yet like I used to. 

After we left the park we decided to grab lunch at Outback. Yum.

Sunday morning Hadley woke up to her Easter basket sitting in the living room floor.

The basket, er bucket, includes a coloring book, Doc Mcstuffins activity kid, Dr. Seuss book, bubbles, mini magnadoodle, bandaids and tons of candy. 

We also threw in her gardening gloves and tools that we bought her the day before.
We spent a good part of the day outside redoing our flower bed and playing in puddles.

I wish so bad that I had taken a before picture because the previous owners completely neglected this flower bed. We trimmed the bushes and took up all the grass and weeds and laid down pebbles. After we got done doing that I took Hadley inside to get cleaned up and it was time to dye our eggs. She was really exciting about doing this.

I was so happy with how pretty our eggs turned out! So colorful! The decorating part didn't last long because she wanted to eat them. She ate 3 of them under 5 minutes. I call that a success!

Monday we took a little trip to Walmart and ending up buying a scale, a tent for the beach and Hadley a bike. Yeah, I told you we spent the money this weekend.

The helmet kills me. The smallest one they had is still too big. She is so adorable though, huh?

And of course the tent was a huge hit. She was so bummed when we had to take it down. I can't wait to hit the beach! 

I hope your Easter weekend was as fun as ours was!

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  1. Oh my goodness, so adorable on that bike! Cute pictures.