Monday, October 28, 2013

The news!

The news I have been waiting for many months finally came this past weekend. 


Yes, the caps were necessary. I am so excited about our future, but also scared because with Adam's new job comes deployments. We have been lucky in our almost 4 years of marriage that we haven't experienced a deployment yet. But, the inevitable is coming and coming soon. Adam will have to deploy either Feb or June. Let's hope for June, because Feb is just too soon! 

A lot of good things are coming though. Like a new house, a new car, and possibly and new job for me and preschool for Hadley. This new year will definitely bring new things and it's an exciting and scary adventure. 

But, all in all I am so proud that after almost a year in school Adam graduated this past Friday and is now a Civil Affairs Operator. He has worked his ass off for this!


  1. Kara, that's so exciting!

    Go order yourself some Hunters to celebrate ;)

  2. Very exciting news Kara! I am so happy for you. I won't say deployments are easy but I'm always here to talk. Let's hope June!