Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hubb's Corn Maze

Yesterday we made the journey to Clinton, NC to Hubb's Corn Maze. Kris and I have been searching for a corn maze/pumpkin patch and this is the one we found that we thought would be the best for the kids. It turned out to be pretty small and not a pumpkin patch at all, or a petting zoo, but the kids still had a blast and that was all that mattered. 

Sweet Olivia!
It was a really challenge to get my child to smile. Ugh.
This one would have been so good if Hadley wasn't cheesing like that. Ha!
The slide was a big hit!
I absolutely love these babies!
They didn't love this as much as I thought they would.
Where we got uber dirty
I have to say this was the best part. The kids rode it over and over. 

Hayride to see a whole 3 animals, and they didn't even stop. Blah.
Pumpkin ice cream, y'all!
And a throwback picture of Hadley's first pumpkin patch!

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