Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy 10 months!

Hadley is 10 months old today! How in the world did that happen?
It is such a bittersweet time. I am happy that she is growing and thriving, but sad that she is growing up so fast. I swear she is getting meaner as the months go by. She has such a strong will and stubborn personality already. I am really in for it. I love watching the new things that she learns everyday but miss when all she did was lay there and sleep all day. Bliss.
It's like night and day.

What's new?
1. I am guessing she still weighs 16 lbs, maybe 17. Still probably 27 inches long.
2. She is an extremely skilled crawler, pulls up on EVERYTHING, and has only let go a couple of times to stand by herself.
3. She says "bye bye" and "mama" on the regular. She said "dada" once, but hasn't done it again. I work on her daily to say it. She babbles constantly. 
4. She has started to wave a little and puts her fingers on her lips and goes "buh buh buh."
5. She is in 6-12 or 9-12 month clothing and still fits in size 1 shoes when she wears them, which is never.
6. She is completely on table food. If you try to give her anything by spoon she will just spit it right back at you.
7. She still fits in her infant carseat, but we will be buying her big girl carseat next month.
8. We will also be buying a booster seat and throwing that freakin' Bumbo in the trash! I will be so happy to get rid of that thing!

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