Monday, August 20, 2012

Oh, hi!

We have been in Tennessee for a week now, and there really isn't that much to update about. We haven't been up to too much. We have done a little shopping, went out to eat, went to church and a lot of just being lazy around the house. I'm stuck at the house most of the time because I don't have a car and my mom has to work, so it's not too different from being in Texas.

In some exciting news, my best friend and I are going to see Josh Turner this Sunday at ETSU for free thanks to my stepsister. I have decided to go do this instead of going to see Eric Church because I simply can't afford it. Such a bummer, as I know that would be an awesome concert. Oh well.

I'm going to start working for Adam's mom tomorrow cleaning her house for some extra money. I'm glad she's willing to help me out for some extra money because I need it. I am hoping to get my tattoo next month for my birthday.. speaking of birthdays, I can't believe Hadley will be 2 in 2 weeks.. OMG. I am going to cry..

This chick kept me up until 2 am! If you know me, that's unheard of.

Shopping spree!!

Mama and baby moccs.

TONS of mosquito bites!

Still studying my butt off..

Clearly panties that are huge...

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