Friday, September 21, 2012

Oh, hi.

So, my blog pretty much still looks like crap, but you're stuck with it for now because I can't figure out how to make it better. Like anybody reads it anyway...

I thought I would do a post about the things Hadley is up to now that is 2 and how she is changed.

  • Last time we checked, at 23 months, Hadley weighed 22 lbs and was 33 inches long.
  • She is still in diapers. Size 4.
  • She has well over 200 words, and seems to be learning more and more every day and is starting to make sentences.
  • She is 2t shirts and pants are still iffy. Some 18 months, some 24 months.
  • She wears a size 5 shoe now. 
  • She is obsessed with cats and cows.
  • She got way too much stuff for her birthday and she is definitely wearing those toys out.
  • Her appetite hasn't changed too much. She is still pretty picky and we have slacked horribly with her healthy diet since being home. She has gotten a lot of treats from Nana and Papaw.
  • She pretty much doesn't nap anymore unless she is in the car, so that's means she is a very cranky toddler half of the time. Terrible 2's in full swing.
  • But, she is also very sweet and loves to give hugs and kisses without being prompted.

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  1. Hey! I read! & holy moly 200 words! We have 7? Luke is behind.