Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's October!!

The month of September was so busy. It was Hadley's birthday and then mine, and it seemed like my birthday lasted forever because I was lucky that everybody wanted to take me out to eat. I may only have a few people that love me, but those people are awesome. So, September was fun, but I'm excited for October!

I love Fall. I wish we were already in our new house because I would love to decorate my new porch with pumpkins and such. I am so excited about our new house!! In less than 2 short months we will be in our new house, and in less than 1 month Adam will be back with us again. He is supposed to arrive October 31st, just in time to go trick or treating with Hadley. I am so excited about that.

So, what have we been doing over here? Mainly trying not to go crazy dealing with the terrible 2's. I always knew I would have a hard time with this because Hadley has given me a hard time since birth, and the 2's are no easier. She has become very stubborn and free spirited. It is a complete pain taking her out to eat and I dread it every time. The high chair is not her friend anymore. I am trying to learn how to deal with it by incorporating discipline, but that's a fine line with a 2 year old. I really don't want her to be that child that is totally out of control. Any advice about how to deal with this is welcome.

Now, I will share some pictures from our month of September.