Thursday, October 11, 2012

A fun Fall!

It is definitely Fall around here. It's getting colder and finally time to break out the long sleeves and put up the shorts. I think I would be happy if it was 75 degrees all year long. That sounds perfect, but anyways...

My best friend Jessica and I went to our first Eric Church concert Monday night and it was wild, to say the least. This is actually the first concert I have been to that served alcohol and I ended up being kissed on the cheek by a complete stranger. She was kicked out about 5 minutes later for other things. But, we had our share of beer and had an absolute blast. He puts on an awesome concert!

Said drunk girl is in the background of this picture..lovely.

In other news Hadley has been sick with a cold and has now given it to me. I took her into the doctor Monday to make sure it was just a cold, and now that she is getting over it I am feeling it. I guess it happens. 

We are going to the Pumpkin Town Festival Saturday and I hope it's pretty cool because I have been really looking forward to it. They are supposed to have lots of yummy food and fun stuff for the kids. Hopefully I will get some good pictures to post. Oh, and Adam will be here in like 3 weeks! Lots of excitement!

Happy Fall Y'all!

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