Sunday, May 5, 2013

I was wondering if I had some new pictures to upload since I don't take that many, but it turns out that I do so that must mean I have posted in awhile. Oops. 

We have been doing the same ol same ol. Playing at the park, Monkey Joe's, story time, and spending time outside. The weather lately has been really crappy so we spent all weekend inside. It was pretty boring. I spent a lot of time hitting my books and studying hard. The weather isn't looking too great this week either. Ugh.

We rescheduled our beach trip for June 14th, so we are going home for 4 days May 23rd. I am excited about going home, but 4 days isn't hardly enough time to fit in family and friends. I wish we could spend more time there. We are also only getting to spend 4 days at the beach, so I know that time will go by so fast too. 

April 30th was my 3 year anniversary! Woot woot!

And another update that I'm not too happy about it that we found out our choices for our next duty station. It is pretty much between Fort Bliss, Texas or Fort Lewis, Washington. Adam doesn't really care either way, because he deals with being away from family and traveling well, but I am really going to be upset if we have to go to one of those places. We will not be able to afford to go home being that far away. It's a real bummer. There is a 5% chance we can stay here, but I'm not even getting excited about that because I doubt it's going to happen. Keep your fingers crossed for us though. 

Here are some pictures I have taken over the past 2 weeks. 

Falling asleep naked right after a bath

Her favorite part of the park

The most fun she's had grocery shopping

Tickle time with daddy

Duplo time at the library

She has to pick flowers every time we are at the park


  1. I love her baby toms! I want a pair for A so bad. They are just so cute!

    1. Get some! We buy her a new pair with every size. Love them!