Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our Tennessee Trip

Well, we got back from our trip to Tennessee last night and it was a whirlwind that went by so fast. We found out that 3 days isn't enough time to fit in time with all your family. Our weekend consisted of a lot of driving back and forth trying to spend time with everybody. Our drive there sucked. Traffic was bad and it was raining part of the time. We didn't get into Tennessee until after 10 and we were exhausted. Crap, we were completely exhausted the whole time, but anyway..

Friday we got up and went to eat lunch with Adam's mom and dad and visited his family for a little while. That night we came back to my mom's and had a cookout with my family. 

My sister Crystal

Saturday we spent all day at the lake and had a blast. Hadley loved riding on the boat and running around like crazy.

Saturday night we had dinner at Red Bone with my family again.

I love this picture! Hadley was "roar-ing"

Sunday we left the lake and headed to Adam's family to spend the day celebrating his mom's birthday. We had a good time there playing with the babies and getting in the pool, which was crazy cold.

And then before you knew it it was Sunday morning and time to head home. We had a good time spending time with our family, but man was it exhausting. There just wasn't enough time. I have never seen Hadley sleep so much. That was kind of nice. Ha! We came back to an overgrown yard, wilted tomato plants, and a flat tire only to find out we have to replace all 4. Back to reality.


  1. Oh goodness the pictures :-/...
    I loved seeing you guys! Hopefully next time we can come to you!

  2. What a fun trip! When H was in the military it was so hard to cram everything we wanted to do and see everyone in such a short time. Cute pictures also!