Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The past week of "firsts."

Hadley's first time to the movies! 
First time having popcorn too.
I say it was a success. 

 First time doing her hair like this. I kinda like it..

First sunglasses of the year, because the ocean ate mine :(

First time at story time that Hadley decided the other kids were ok to sit with.

And the first time I have seen this number on a scale in a long time, thanks to being sick for a whole week.



  1. Those are all some pretty great firsts! Minus the having been sick....that's no bueno.

    I love her little bun pigtails! So cute!

  2. Her pigtails are so cute! She is just cute in general though. I am glad to hear the movie was a hit. I admit I am still scared to do that! Love your pictures!