Thursday, June 27, 2013

Jump right in!

The more days that have went by and the more boredom that has passed got me thinking. Why wait til Hadley is 3 to start "preschool?" I have more than enough time on my hands and she can start learning now! Now, there are certain things I want to do and set-up for her room, but I don't have to have that done to start teaching her. 

I just went at it this morning with the letter A. I use her chalkboard/dry erase board easel to teach her all the time and it doesn't always keep her attention. She usually wants to erase what I write as soon as it is written, which can be pretty frustrating. I asked her over and over, "Hadley, what letter is this?" and she would just look around or walk away. I then decided to go make a letter search. 

I told her to find the A's and she immediately went to each A and colored each one without making a mistake. This shows me that she is paying attention to me whether I think so or not. Or, that she already knows the letter A and I'm just aware of how smart she really is! She has been saying her ABCs for awhile, but like I said, I can never get her to tell me what letter is which when I point one out. Maybe she is just stubborn?

After we did that worksheet I gave her a letter A printable with examples or things that start with the letter A. Kid will color anything. 

Now, I have decided to introduce ABCmouse on top of my preschool teaching to hopefully maximize her learning. ABCmouse is a virtual classroom all online that teaches everything you need to know. There are games, puzzles, art, songs, books, science, social studies, printables, etc. I am pretty obsessed with it and today has been our first day using it. I am starting with the basics and took Hadley through the A lesson. She did great with it and really liked the art and songs. The thing is she doesn't understand how to use the mouse on the laptop, so we will have to work on that. But, I'm sure she will get it in no time. ABCmouse does cost some money, but for now we are doing the month free trial. You can cancel at any time, so I highly suggest checking it out. I am impressed so far!

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  1. Way to go momma. I often think of just starting as well. But we mostly do learning stuff all day anyway so I think I'm going to wait :) And now I really want to do this Mickey thing. I'm just afraid Ill forget to cancel.