Saturday, March 19, 2011

$250.00 later...

I am officially a green mama.

I breasfed, babywear, make my own baby food and cloth diaper now! I am really feeling conflicted about this whole cloth diaper thing and I haven't even gotten started yet. I found this woman here in town that has a website and thought she had a store, but turned out it was just in her house. So...after getting lost and it taking an hour to get there we bought 12 diapers. 11 pockets and 1 all in one. That was $250.00!!

Now I come home and get in the internet and realize I could have saved a lot of money by buying from other places/different websites. What if I don't even like this!? I should have done a trial, and I know that, but Adam went ahead and got all CD excited and just started picking out diapers. This is a little preview of what we have.

Ok, that's enough since I'm having a hard time getting them to line up the way I want ha. We have a mixture of BumGenius 4.0's, Rumparooz and Happy Heineys.
I am waiting to use them because I have some disposables that I don't want to waste, but I will let you ladies know how I like them and give you my reviews on the brands.

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