Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh hello there!

Well I haven't updated in like a week. I totally forget about this blog sometimes. I'm sure there will be very few posts to come since I am going to be on vacation for a month! We are leaving for the beach Saturday and then we will be in Tennessee for 3 weeks after that. Adam has to fly back September 19th, but I decided to stay till October 2nd because Adam will be gone anyways and it will be Hadley's, mine, and my mom's birthday. My sister has decided to throw my mom a surprise 50th birthday party and I couldn't live with myself if I wasn't there for it! 

Anyways, Hadley is driving me crazy lately with her constant crying/whining. I really don't know what is going on with her. She has been teething, but those 2 top teeth have came through so I don't know why she is still so cranky. I hope she snaps out of it before we head home this weekend. I am already stressing out about how she will act being completely off schedule.

I can't believe that she is completely walking now. Like, it totally blows my mind. She doesn't even want to crawl anymore. It is crazy! She has learned that she can go in her room and grab her blanket out of the crib slats and she will carry it all around the house. She also does this with her daddy's shirts if she finds them. She is into everything and has been for months now! 

I feel so stupid because everyone told me that I needed completely soft soled shoes for Hadley and she can't walk in them because they have no sole whatsoever. How is she supposed to walk on completely smooth leather? So, I have wasted like 30 dollars on 2 new pairs of shoes that she can't even wear. As soon as she hits the kitchen floor she slides and falls. That is not safe. So now I am on a new mission to find a decent priced shoe that will fit her small, narrow feet!

Here is a cute new picture for your enjoyment!

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