Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I am struggling to update my blog here lately. I feel like I have nothing interesting or exciting to talk about. I know that this blog is pretty much for me and that maybe 3 people actually read what I write, but I feel like I have an obligation to update this blog. I really wish that I had started this blog when Hadley was born so I could remember every single thing about her first year of life. I regret not writing down her birth story because Lord knows I can't remember all the details now. 

Anyway, I have been feeling pretty down lately and unhappy with life in general. It kind of drives me crazy how things change just as I really have them figured out. For instance, Hadley was sleeping really well until Daylight Savings Time. Now she thinks it's time to wake up at 5 or 6 and that's just too early for this mama. Her normal wake time was anywhere from 7-8. I would kill to have that back again. 

Another thing that is stressing me out is Hadley's eating habits. She is getting picky and it's stressing me out because she has refused dinner for the last 2 weeks pretty much. I wouldn't worry about this so much if she wasn't so little, but she is and she needs all the calories that she can get. I was so proud of her tonight because she actually ate pretty much all of her dinner. I could of screamed I was so happy. 

One thing I forgot to mention was that Hadley and I will be going home for the whole month of December. I am SO happy and excited to be going home to my family but sad that Adam can't join us. I will be leaving here December 3rd, so my blog may be neglected for awhile. 

Here is a picture I took of Hadley today. It's perfect.

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