Wednesday, November 2, 2011


First, I feel like it's been a long time since I have updated. It has only been about a week though. I haven't even checked blogger in about a week and missed all my friends new posts. I kind of feel bad about this. Anyway...

Hadley's 2nd Halloween has come and gone. We picked out a cow costume this year that my step dad was pretty proud of since he owns a dairy farm. She happened to look very cute in it if I do say so myself.

Here we are at Boo at the Zoo.

Her and daddy are best friends.

I ended up taking her "trick or treating" around the apartment complex, which was actually to only about 3 apartments. We pretty much just walked around looking for other trick or treaters and seeing if anybody had any signs on their doors or other things that would give a hint that they were giving out candy. We didn't want to just knock on everybody's door and annoy them. So I ended up with a little bit of candy, nothing real good. I am hoping the Halloween candy at Walmart goes on sale for more than 50% off. 


  1. Cutest. cow. ever. She is adorable! And you are one pretty mama!

  2. Ahh! She looks precious. That costume is perfect! Looks like a great 2nd Halloween.