Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A little happiness.

We filed our income taxes today!!!

I am so excited that we are getting back a pretty good chunk of money that is going to allow us to pay off some debt and FINALLY, finally get me a car. See, technically I have a car but it is a POS that doesn't run and has a few other problems that we aren't sure about. This POS is a Mercedes, so it would be very costly to fix everything in order for me to be comfortable enough driving it around with Hadley in the back. Adam already traded his truck in for a 4 door Nissan Maxima which is what I will get to drive once he trades in my car for something he can drive back and forth to work. I am so excited to get some freedom from these four walls..

Adam is also in the process or trying to decide what to do about our future. Stay in the Army or get out. He will most likely be changing his job and hopefully that will include a pay raise and a change of duty station. We want to badly to be closer to home. I would be so much happier. I also want Hadley to have a life outside of these 4 walls. I don't think it's healthy for either of us to be couped up all the time. 

So, that's the big things that are going on in our house right now. Hadley is just as mean and unruly as ever, so nothing new to update there. She refuses to listen to anything I say and insists on doing everything she shouldn't. I can't wait till she will listen to me. Ugh..

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