Saturday, December 15, 2012

A horrible thing happened yesterday that has shook the whole world. My heart goes out to those parents and the family out the children and adults whose lives were lost during that shooting.

Today my heart is overwhelmed with love and fear for my child when she is no longer innocent to this world's ugly side. Today I am thankful that Hadley has no idea what happened and I held her tighter and just cried looking at her because I could not imagine losing my baby in that way, in any way. I want to do everything possible to keep you safe, but I know I can't do that forever. I can't keep you home and tucked safely in my arms forever. What you have to look forward to growing up scares me. I wish you had to know nothing about the ugly in this world.

Today my heart aches and I am thinking of all those affected from this horrible shooting.

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