Thursday, January 10, 2013

Growing up

Hadley, my precious little girl, I can't get you to stop growing up! I have been so sappy lately because you are just so amazing and I love you more and more everyday. Although I wish you would slow down and stop growing so much because mommy is getting sad. Baby fever has kicked in to high gear, but there is nothing going to done about that for awhile :(

Anyway, today I took Hadley to the library for Duplo play time and I had a lot of mixed emotions about it. Yesterday was the very first time I have taken her to the public library and she loved it. She didn't really care about me reading the books, but she sure did have fun taking them out and bringing to the table. Since that was such a hit I decided I would bring her back today for the Duplo event with 2-5 year olds. You can really tell that Hadley hasn't been around kids much. The way she looks at other kids and that look in her face of confusion is what makes me sad. She doesn't know what to do and doesn't really know what playing together is. I know this is partially my fault, but it's really hard to get out and socialize your child when you're a one car household. Since moving to Fort Bragg Adam has been able to carpool occasionally and let me have the car to get out and do stuff. It's amazing. Some days we take little trips to Target and get treats from Starbucks. Adam got me a gift card for $100 for Starbucks, so I make sure I stop by there frequently. I have treated Hadley to apple juice twice and it's the only two times she has had it in her life. She loves it. But, we should have another car soon and I hope to enroll Hadley in some sort of activity. Maybe tumbling. I just don't think it's wise to keep her sheltered any longer. I really don't want her to be that weird kid and I guess eventually I will have to send her to school. Another thing I really don't want to do. And don't even get me started of the thought of working. I really want to, but I really don't know if I can put Hadley in daycare. I really need guidance in that direction.

Edited to add picture from play time.

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