Friday, January 4, 2013

Hadley's playroom

I thought I would write a detailed post of Hadley's playroom and her favorite things since projects for her are consuming my life right now.

We have always wanted a playroom for Hadley and we finally have one. Although, I'm not sure how that's going to work out when we have family over. We haven't figured that out yet.

Here is a picture of her easel, pony, shopping cart, and her dresser. Not that it really matters, but I thought I should add that we don't use this tv in here for her. I would rather her play in here than come in here and get entranced by the tv.

And this is the corner that has EVERYTHING. If I had it my way we wouldn't have half these toys, but it was just Christmas. I packed away all her old toys in a 45 gallon tote and put them away. Here is her Minnie  dollhouse, Minnie teapot, play food, B drum set, blocks, puzzles, dancing Minnie, train set, and her B piano is in the living room. 

She really doesn't spend all that much time in her playroom, actually. I am big on crafts instead of toys, so I encourage creative play more than sticking her with toys, but this her collection for right now. Oh, and she also has a big play kitchen that is at Nana's right now because we couldn't fit it in the car. It will make it's appearance soon.

What isn't pictured is her table and chairs that Nana bought for her. I chose the Latt table and chairs from Ikea and this is what it looks like. 

Not bad for $20, right? Well, I decided I was going to hack it and make it a little different. I decided to stain it and I really wish I hadn't. 

I have slaved over this thing for the past 3 days in the cold garage and it isn't anywhere close to being as dark as her furniture. A part of me wants to give up and spray paint it, but I have worked so hard. I don't know what I will do. Maybe I should have left it alone?

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