Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Update to 28 months post

Hadley's test results came back that she has a low level allergy to peanuts. Just as I suspected. But, it is good to finally know for sure and have that epi pen just in case we need it. While there I learned that she is 25 pounds and 35 inches tall. It turns out she is growing! I was glad to hear that.

My mom and step-dad are visiting tomorrow! I'm excited! It's so nice to have family come to me for once. Hopefully we will have a lot of fun the 4 days they are going to be here and I will have some new pictures to share. I have slacked majorly on Instagram pictures this month. Life just hasn't been too exciting lately. I have been very frustrated with Hadley's attitude and how rotten she has gotten. She is constantly asking to watch "Mouse" and telling us "no." She has become very unruly and I'm trying to get her under control the best I can. These 2's really are terrible. Wish us luck, for she is stubborn.

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