Saturday, July 6, 2013

Preschool with C, D, and E

This past week in school at home we went over the letters C, D, and E with review of A and B from the week before. 

On Monday we did letter C. 
We did a caterpillar craft similar to the one below.
Hadley decided to rip her's up before I could get a picture of it. 

Q-tip painting a castle sheet

And cheerio math

Wednesday we did D
A cute dog craft, our actual picture this time.

Letter D coloring sheet

Tracing sheet

Friday was letter E
Eagle craft, which I was pretty proud of

This coloring sheet from
And that's actually as far as we got Friday because she was just not having it. 
Every morning I review the previous letter using these worksheets from 

I really like the printables from Also, we have been using ABC mouse pretty much daily and it's mainly a review since it takes awhile to get through each lesson and I tend to be ahead of it. I also picked up some flashcards from Barnes and Noble last night and I'm pretty excited about using them. 
For some odd reason this picture won't rotate. I'm sorry about that.
By posting all of this I'm hoping that maybe I can help someone out and give someone else some ideas!

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