Monday, April 11, 2011

Yep, it's yeast.

        I am SO frustrated. We took Hadley to the doctor Friday and of course she has a yeast infection. Poor baby, and poor mommy. It has been three days and it is still hanging around. I am trying to figure out if cloth or disposables are better for her bottom. She slept in cloth last night, stuffed with 3 inserts because I wanted her to be dry, and her butt looked awesome when she woke up this morning. Fast forward 3 hours and I get her up from a nap and her butt is back to being bright red! What is going on here? I think I am going to put her in sposies for 24 hours and see what happens.

     This weekend was pretty boring. We went to Target Saturday, per usual, and then laid around the house all day. Sunday I took Hadley to the outlet mall in search of pjs from Old Navy that a bumpie suggested. These are the pjs, but of course they didn't have any I went ahead and bought 12-18 months.

     I also stopped by Gymboree and picked up a precious mint green bathing suit with fish on it and cannot for the life of me find a picture of it's not on their website. Oh well.

     There really isn't anything else going on. I tried Hadley on prunes this morning for the first time and she has been spitting them up all day. We are having a bad day around here for some reason. She is fighting naps like crazy. She cries and cries, and then will only sleep for 30 minutes. That is not normal for her. I am just glad she is sleeping 12 hours at night. It makes me so happy...I need all that sleep!

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