Thursday, April 28, 2011


I really don't feel like updating this blog, but I know I need to so here it goes.

My mom is coming to visit in exactly one week!! I am totes excited about this because I haven't seen her since March and we are very close! It is also nice to have another adult around to talk to besides Adam. He has been working  A LOT lately and is about to go to the field for 21 days and isn't allowed to come home during that time. So, it will be nice to have my mom keep me company for a week while Adam is gone.

Hadley is sick, and I think she is now getting me sick. I made her an appointment yesterday morning strictly for her rash that hasn't went away and she just happened to wake up with what I thought was a cold. Turns out she has a yeast rash, congestion, and pink eye. Her poor little eye looks awful and she is tired and just plain doesn't feel good. Bless her little heart. I hate to see her not feeling well.

The pedi told us to ditch the cloth diapers, so that I am. Although I didn't love cloth diapering, I am pretty bummed about giving it up. First, we spent a lot of money on these diapers. Second, I know it will be a pain in the ass trying to sell them. If I'm lucky I will sell half of what I have. I am lucky that Adam doesn't care if I sell them or not. He said that if I do then good, I will have some spending money of my own. Ha. That alone is motivation to get those damn things sold.
Wish me luck.

I don't really have any new pictures to share with this post. I know you are all bummed. All of my 8 followers...

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