Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Back to normal has come and gone. I already miss her! You think it would get easier to say goodbye, but it never does. I cry everytime we part. I would give anything to live closer to my family.

I tried so hard to get pictures while mom was here but, it didn't happen. I believe Hadley is about to cut some more teeth because she is a whiney mess. Everytime we would try to get some pictures she refused to even look at the camera, let alone smile. Some random man at the airport took a picture of all 3 of us today, but it is on my mom's camera so I will have to wait to post it here. It turned out really good.

So, I am not a big fan of President Obama but, he was here in town yesterday and I found it pretty exciting. Mom and I decided to go to the zoo because we were bored and there is pretty much nothing to do here. Well we couldn't get to the zoo because all of the roads were blocked off because the President was going to the same way we were. We were driving right down the road when he went down the highway right beside it. I have to admit I though it was really cool. There was about 10 cops on motorcycles, 5 armored SUVS, 3 limos and other random cars and cops. That is the closest I will probably ever be to the President. (Adam got to meet him about 2 years ago)
On our way home we passed by Biggs Army Airfield and saw Air Force One. That thing is HUGE! I couldn't believe how big it was! Amazing.

So yeah, I really don't have that much to report about mom's visit. We did a lot of shopping and playing around the house. I am so lucky that I got to spend my first Mother's Day with my baby and my mom. Adam got me a very sweet card and we just cooked dinner and chilled at the house. I do regret not getting a picture with Hadley though. I refused to take one looking like crap.

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