Thursday, December 1, 2011

First boo boo

Well, we had our first boo boo involving blood yesterday. 
Hadley had been cranky all day so I decided taking her outside would be a good idea to cheer her up. That did work until she face planted the pavement. I picked her up, saw the blood and ran inside to the bathroom. My poor baby was screaming bloody murder and I was crying too. This was pretty much my fault. I should have been holding her hand while she was trying to maneuver around the speed bumps and sidewalks. 
She ended up skinning her forehead and nose up pretty good. Her forehead and swollen and just looked awful. I  just keep replaying the image of seeing her fall in my head, over and over and over. Now, I know that is only the  beginning, but she is too little to be bleeding. Bless her heart. 

She is fine now and I hope this heals quickly because she has professional pictures in a couple weeks. 


  1. Aww sweet girl, that looks like it hurts! Don't be hard on yourself though, it happens! C actually got a little banged up yesterday as well. She was trying to push her highchair across the kitchen and fell on the tile, she ended up scraping the side of her face pretty badly. Poor girl! Hope she heals up soon! I think it is harder for us than them though, lol.

  2. Thanks. I'm just not ready for her to be banged up yet. Especially when people are going to be seeing her in 2 days. Ha!