Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hadley is 15 months old!

The best way to describe Hadley these days is a mess. She is such a hand-full and forming the sweetest (sometimes) personality. She has seemed to have a learning explosion since we have been home. She has learned 2 or 3 new words over the past week and has learned other new things, like how to wink and give the "mean mug." She is such a big girl now, it's really hard to believe. The most shocking of all of these things is that she doesn't want me to hold her to sleep anymore. The past few days that I have tried she has just bucked backwards out of my arms. So, I have resorted to just laying her down in her crib and she does really well with it. She whines for a little bit, but it's really shocking at how easy it is. 

I tried to take her paci away about a week ago and that was a total fail. I have done a pretty good job at keeping it away from her during the day, but she is not ready to get rid of it for sleeping. Not going to happen. So much for that...

Here are some recent pictures!

Check out those molars!

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