Sunday, December 11, 2011

New shoes!

For me, not Hadley.

Well actually Hadley did get some new shoes this week. I guess I could show those off as well since this is blog is supposed to be about her. 

These aren't exactly what I wanted, but Target was out of the ones I liked. These are Faded Glory from Walmart. I just bought them for church. She will probably only end up wearing them twice.

Anyway, here are my new beautiful shoes!

The Sanuk Donna Sidewalk Surfers. I love Sanuks. LOVE. I have another pair that I got last year for Christmas I wear them a lot. I am a huge fan of flats and I really love these and my Toms. I'm not sure which is exactly my favorite. But yeah, I would highly recommend these to anybody who has never tried them out. They are $52.

Oh, and they look a lot better on than they do in picture. They match everything.

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