Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sickness sucks

Last week I came down with allergies, the flu, the cold...I don't really know, but it sucked and really kicked my butt for a few days. I'm still a little stuffed up but feel a lot better now. Now that I am feeling better Hadley isn't feeling too well. She has been running a fever for the past 4 days and I finally took her into the doctor today. She tested negative for strep, flu and uti so the doctor is guessing she just has a virus. If her fever doesn't go away by Thursday I will be taking her back in to have her blood checked. Let's just say I hope this fever goes away and I don't have to go back. She already seems to feel better.

Adam is gone for the week and I have been pretty bored out of my mind. We have had a cold snap so I haven't been taking Hadley outside. It's supposed to get warmed towards the end of the week so hopefully we can hit up the park. The kid loves the park.

Oh, she now weighs 21 pounds, 31 inches. She is getting so big. I love how sweet and silly she is these days, when she's not crying and wallowing me to death. Here are some recent pictures. As usual.

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  1. I really hope you and your beautiful girl start feeling better. Great pictures :)