Friday, March 2, 2012

Paci weaning update

Paci weaning, a la cold turkey, is going pretty good for the most part. I started on Monday by taking it away cold turkey for her nap. She screamed and after 10 minutes I went in and patted her until she fell asleep. She only napped 30 minutes that day. At night she went down without a peep and slept until 5. I went in and patted her and slept until her normal 7. 

The last few days have been about the same. She is still crying at nap time and I have to go in and pat her until she falls asleep. It only takes like 3 minutes though. She is napping a little longer with each day, but I just got her to sleep today so I pray she sleeps for at least an hour. Nights have been great. She goes to sleep without a peep and sleeps until 7. Thank God. I was so worried about nights. I can deal with crying at naps, but not nights. 
So there's that. Good luck to my fellow moms out there who are about to venture into the world of paci weaning. It sucks.

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