Friday, July 20, 2012

More changes

Well, yesterday we decided to sell my car. It was more of a burden to us than anything and things kept messing up with it that we just couldn't afford to fix all the time. Plus, it wasn't even worth moving to North Carolina. So, the plan is the use that money for a downpayment and rent for the new house and get another car when tax return comes around. 

An exciting bit of news is that I'm enrolling to take online classes to become a medical administrative assistant. I am hoping to complete this in less than 6 months and start working when we get to North Carolina. I am so nervous about returning to the real world and putting Hadley in daycare. I am really struggling with putting her in daycare. I'm scared to death, but I know that I need to help the family out. Wish me luck!

I am also getting together ideas to decorate Hadley's new room when we move. I am going with an orange and teal theme with some chevron thrown in and I am so excited to decorate her room! I am so ready to move and get our new life started! This is the inspiration for her room and if anybody has any ideas to add, please suggest them!


Teal chevron fabric for windows and possible pillow covers.   The nursey that inspired this.
A mattress sheet.  A chevron picture frame.

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  1. Good luck with med. assistant training! I love your plans for the new room.