Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day

As you may have already known, I was pretty excited about Valentine's Day. I had plans for Hadley and I to enjoy the day. First, I made her heart shaped pancakes with sprinkles for breakfast. As you can imagine that was a hit.

Next, we went for story time at the library and she had fun with that. They gave her a sucker, so of course she was happy.

We spend the rest of the day peeing on the potty, painting, playing and make cookies.

And around 9:00 the in-laws arrived and Hadley was so happy to see her cousin Piper!

But, the night didn't end as well as the day started. 

I broke my foot. I was going down the steps into the garage and I honestly don't know what happened, but I landed on the side of my foot, heard it pop, and in that second I know it was broken. We headed to the ER and x-rays confirmed my foot was shattered. I had to have surgery the next morning and I am still recovering from that. I will have to have surgery again in 2 weeks to have the pins taken out and I am really dreading that. Being put to sleep really made me sick and feel like crap for a good 2 days. I spent that first day throwing up anything I tried to swallow. It was awful. I'm looking at a good 10 weeks before I get to walk on that foot again. I am lucky this happened when Adam had a 4 day weekend and my in-laws are here because it's been impossible for me to do pretty much anything on these crutches. These crutches are kicking my ass. I am really out of shape. So, I hope that your Valentine's Day went a lot better than mine.

Also, I have exciting news. Hadley is pretty much completely potty trained and it only took about 3 days! I will make it's own post about that soon. I am so proud of her it's ridiculous!

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