Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I escaped!

I made it out of the house yesterday, even though it was for a post-op appointment, I will still excited to get out and have Hadley get out and run around. My appointment went ok. They took my stitches out and I am now allowed to get my foot wet, which means I can shower. But, I still can't put weight on it and my next surgery to remove the pin isn't until March 13th, so that means 2 more weeks of these damn crutches. I am SO over these crutches! They are hendering me from taking Hadley places and getting her socialized like I was.  They gave me pictures of my break before and after surgery. A little scrapbook my very first break.

Nice, huh?

After my appointment I convinced Adam to take me to Target so I could hobble to the dollar section to get Hadley some Easter stuff so she would stop talking about making Valentines. Poor girl. 

We picked up stickers, Easter craft kits and a strawberry growing kit. I'm kind of excited about growing these strawberries in that tiny little pot. I hope it works. I decided to put the pot in my window in the kitchen.

I swear so much crap breaks in this house. I barely pulled on the string to open the blinds. Geez.

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  1. lol, looks like my blinds. I gave up and took almost all of them down