Sunday, July 28, 2013

Preschool lesson I,J, and K.

I really slacked this past week or so with preschool, but I had vacation as an excuse. I haven't done any fun crafts for these lessons, but am getting back into it hardcore this upcoming week. Also, I usually have way more activities and printables that we don't always get to because Hadley gets tired of learning or doesn't want to finish something we are working on.

"I" worksheet from and ice cream color by numbers from
I actually thought of the ice cream craft myself, which is why it looks so crappy.

Lesson "J"
 "J" tracing sheet and #1 tracing sheet both from 
Jellyfish coloring page from 
Notice how she got tired of coloring it.

Lesson "K"
"K" tracing sheet and #2 tracing sheet from
"K" worksheet from

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