Monday, July 15, 2013

Preschool lessons F,G, and H.

This past week has been crazy here. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, but Hadley has turned into a crazy lady, so teaching has been extra hard and took me all week to get her lessons done. Here's what we did.

Lesson F
"F" fire craft idea from here.
Frog coloring sheet and "F" word find both from

Lesson G
Giraffe craft idea from here.
"G" printable from here.
Pretty sure my grape printable came from

Lesson H. This one was the real struggle of the week.
Find the "H" sheet and the horse coloring sheet both from
"H" tracing sheet from

I should update that I have decided to quit The fact that she couldn't use the mouse and that it bored her made me decide to cancel it. I really thought she would have liked it. Oh well.

I picked up a Leap Frog pre-K lesson book from Target's school section this week and I love it. I use it daily to go over numbers, colors, shapes, alphabet, etc. You should check it out!

We are also still using our flash cards daily. I can tell they are making a difference.

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