Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sick baby

Man, it's no fun having a sick kid. Especially when you are the only one taking care of said kid. 

I started noticing early in the week that Hadley wasn't peeing much. It didn't completely set in that something was wrong until I realized she was completely burning up Tuesday afternoon. I took her temperature and she had a fever of 103! I seriously freaked out. This kid has never had a temperature over 100. She has only been sick once before.
I took her to urgent care, because of course we couldn't get an appointment same day on post, and it turns out she has a uti. Poor girl. No wonder she hasn't been peeing. It has been hurting her to pee. So, she is on antibiotics and I haven't really noticed a difference in her getting better yet. In fact, I feel like she may be getting worse. She definitely drunk more water/milk today, but she hasn't peed all that much and I think she is developing some congestion and a cough. Her sleep has gone to shit since Tuesday night and I am exhausted. Hell, we both are. Last night she woke up around 1 and whined on and off until I brought her in my bed at 4. I never bring her in my bed and I have had to do it the past 2 nights. I hope she sleeps better tonight. She had a slight fever before I laid her down. :(
Adam comes home tomorrow night! Yay for help on the weekends!


  1. Man oh man, something is really going around. Poor Hadley. I hope she feels better soon :( And I hope you both get some sleep.

  2. Poor Hadley and poor mama! I hope she feels better soon. <3