Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Guess what?

Hadley and I are going home April 9th-27th!!!!!

Our flights are booked so there is no turning back! I am super excited and blessed to be seeing my family after missing them for 4 months. I still have awhile to wait though. 

Did I mention that Hadley is a big girl now? I finally took the tray off her booster seat and scooted her up to the table like a big girl. She does really well with it. I am surprised that she doesn't really make a mess. When she is done eating she pushes her plate away and says done. It is so much easier cleaning the table off than washing the big tray. 

This is the booster seat we have. I highly recommend it. I would never, ever waste my money on a big, traditional high chair. 

Fisher Price Deluxe Booster Seat. $26.99 on Amazon.
I also have to say I really like the new forks I have bought her.
They are kind of like this.
I bought just the fork set though.
I am also looking at buying her some toddler plates and a new snack trap.
We have been using the Munchkin plates, which don't even suction, but we need something a little bigger. I would also like a plate with sections, so I'm going to look a little harder for something I really like. The snack trap I am going to order is the Oxo Tot Snack disk.
I'm hoping it's as big as it looks. I carry a lot of snacks at once and Ziploc bags just aren't that cute.
So there's that. Here is some new pictures of Hadley at the table.

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