Friday, April 6, 2012

It's the 3 day countdown

It's 3 days until my trip to Tennessee! Yippee! 

I am spending this weekend cleaning, packing and shopping for last minute things. Also, tomorrow is Adam's birthday so I don't know what we will be doing for that. Probably nothing. We may go out to eat. He isn't big on birthdays or celebrating anything for that matter. He didn't want me to get him anything, but he will probably get a good back rub.

So, I know that everybody is always asking for tips on flying with their toddler so I thought I would list some things that help me and keep me sane, for the most part. 

First, I fly alone with Hadley a lot and I don't have a carrier so I always have my stroller with me, which I check at the gate. This has worked very well for us so far. Now because we are poor, only slightly kidding, I haven't bought Hadley her own seat yet since I don't have to. She has been a lap child since we started flying at 2 months old. This gets harder every time we fly and I'm really dreading it this time. It's hard on me and her. There isn't a lot of room on planes to stretch out, but this time I am hoping that she sleeps for the first leg of the flight. 

For the second hour I am counting on my Kindle and tons of snacks to keep her happy. This is the first time I am flying with the Kindle so I am trying very hard to get these episodes of Mickey Mouse converted over to files that my Kindle will accept, if not I'm not sure how I will keep her entertained since you can't access YouTube in the air, unless you pay for wifi... I hope I don't get that desperate. It's really hard to pack a lunch for her that will still be good and warm when it's time for lunch so I am packing a TON of snacks. Cheerios, goldfish, raisins, cereal bars, dried fruit, random organic snacks that I'm picking up from Target later. I will also have her sippy full of water. I'm not worried about milk until after our flight is over. 

I know everybody always recommends new books, toys, etc, but that doesn't really work for my kid. She would rather look through the Sky Mall magazine than play with anything I bring her. Which is good in a way because that stuff takes up a lot of room in my purse. Also, I have never brought a change of clothes which hasn't bit me in the ass yet. So yeah, basically what I'm trying to say is it's not as hard and stressful as everybody makes it out to be. You have to go into knowing your kid is probably going to scream and be bad. It will be ok.

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