Monday, April 2, 2012

Always sick

I am sick. I have been sick for 5 days. I feel like I have been sick for months.

When is it going to end??

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, but I'm feeling better so I hope I wake up 100% better in the morning and I can cancel my appointment. Fingers crossed.

Hadley's allergies seem to be doing a lot better since I started her on Zyrtec. Thank goodness. She has developed a little cough herself, but it isn't troubling me yet. It's one week until we go to TN and I would really like for both of us to feel good while we're there. Wish us luck.

Other than that nothing has really been going on. Hadley's whining and tantrums have been driving me crazy, but that's really nothing new. She is a handful, to say the least. I really wish she would behave better so my nerves can have a break. I haven't felt like taking her to the park or anything so I'm sure she is bored to death. As am I.

No new pictures because my SD storage on my phone is full. Which really makes me mad. I need to get a new card.

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