Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We made it!

We made it to Tennessee! This time without any problems along the way. The flights were pretty easy. Hadley didn't have any meltdowns, and she even got a nap in. Also, my luggage wasn't lost this time. That is a huge plus! All in all it was a pretty easy trip. Thank God. I wouldn't have been able to keep my sanity without Mickey Mouse though. He kept her calm on the plane and in the car. 

So, Hadley is adjusting pretty well. The time change is always an annoying adjustment. She wakes up later, which is good, but she goes to bed later. Which is ok I guess. I'm just not used to doing everything later. Breakfast is later, lunch is later, and so on. She goes to sleep without a peep at night so that's awesome. She's currently napping on the couch like she does at home, so that's good too.

I have a couple of pictures that my sister took Monday.

And this one I took today. She loves to sit in my suitcase randomly throughout the day.

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